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The Maurice M. Pine Library provides excellence in services and materials to help the community and its residents obtain information to meet their recreational, educational and business needs.  The library responds to patron requests for current, high interest and high demand materials.  An equal emphasis is placed on delivering informational materials and reference services providing timely, accurate and useful information for community residents of all ages.  The library enhances children's interest in and appreciation of reading and learning and provides support materials for students at various levels.  The library provides an array of high quality programs for residents of all ages based on community needs.


GOAL 1:  Community members are able to obtain popular materials in various formats:


  • Devote a sufficient percentage of the book budget to best sellers, high demand items and duplicates.

  • Budget a sufficient percentage of the materials budget for CDs, DVDs, ebooks, playaways and other formats.

  • Add continually to the Young Adult collection in various formats

  • Maintain a broad collection of classic material.                     


GOAL 2:  Community members are able to obtain reference materials providing timely, accurate and useful information.


  • Offer access to reference sources in all available formats using up-to-date technology.

  • Maintain a well-rounded Non-fiction collection.

  • Maintain public Internet access and add new technology as appropriate.


GOAL 3:  Community children are encouraged to develop an interest in, an appreciation for, and a love of reading and learning and educational exploration.


  • Maintain a well-rounded juvenile collection.

  • Maintain a substantial schedule of programs for preschool and school age children, including the summer reading program, which stimulates an interest in reading.

  • Maintain public Internet access and add new technology as appropriate.


GOAL 4:  The library has sufficient and stable funding to purchase materials, to hire appropriate staff, and to maintain a comfortable facility in response to growing community demand from an increasingly diverse population.


  • Investigate and implement various methods to encourage bequests, contributions and donations.

  • Develop sufficient capital funding to meet the library’s needs and devise a long range capital plan.

  • Develop sufficient funding to allow for updating and renewal of the book collection.

  • Maintain weekend service throughout the year.

  • Encourage the Friends of the Library in their efforts to increase membership and in their activities in support of the library.

  • Pursue grant opportunities as appropriate.


GOAL 5:  The community is well informed about the services of the Maurice M. Pine Free Public Library and has the opportunity to be involved with and participate in their library, its services and activities.


  • Develop informational guides for library users in their search for materials and information including remote access to the catalog and databases.

  • Continue offering library instruction, including use of the computer catalog, computer indexes, the Internet remote access and ebook.

  • Develop an ongoing relationship with librarians and teachers in the school system, including in-service training.

  • Offer community members opportunities to meet and attend adult programs at the library.

  • Offer community members the on-going opportunity to provide input into the library plan of service through a patron suggestion form or other appropriate means.

  • Utilize the Fair Lawn Library web site and local media to inform patrons of the programs and services offered by the library.


Approved by the Board of Trustees 2014

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